2020 Official representation of the labeling 
          system in Greece 

The quality criteria of the labelling system as well as the trainings were developed in consultation with affected associations and tourism stakeholders. in Germany. 

The system aims to create a greater understanding and awareness of accessibility, wide offer of workshops for employees, regions, and tourism service providers.

2020 Development of travel & health App

The project focus on instant booking system for specific health services  connecting the travel  world and patients needs for digital availability to obtain the freedom of travelling with the treatment service guarantee. 

2020 Education program & cooperation 

Coordination of Health Care specialists programs and  A P P R E N T I C E S H I P with EU recognized degree.

2019 Rebranding and Marketing of Facilities

With globalization falling into all of our life sectors, a clinic which is offering existing services to the local Greek population will need to adjust its marketing to attract clients from abroad, which is important in growing its future potential.


This project develops the marketing and branding of senior citizen packages by focusing on the Mediterranean Climate, the unique historical and cultural heritage and the world renowned hospitality spirit, all of which enhance winter tourism.

2017 Senior Care FACILITIES

There is an increasing demand for Senior Citizen facilities driven by the changing demographic structure towards an ageing European Society. This project focuses on functional design and aims to connect distribution channels with the specific target groups.


Holidays or travel for any reason are often an important aspect of our lifestyles. For many people travelling to a new place creates many happy family memories and offers new experiences. However for those on dialysis travelling may seem more daunting. It does need some additional planning and considerations but it is still possible to make sure that the trip is a positive experience.


The application is a tailor made program. It contains services and information for guests’ staying in villas and small properties.

It replaces the reception service in a digital way. The APP is installed on a tablet which is placed in the villa (fix installation is recommended).

Via the APP it is possible to reach, welcome and communicate with the guest                                                              © 2020 Marketingandmore. All rights reserved.

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