Staying open and willing to work together, to learn from each other, makes us strong. And education has a central role in this. It opens our minds to new ideas and different points of view. Education helps us to understand each other better and build economic and social progress together.

Our cooperation in education is vital in bringing our people closer together.

It is pleasing to see close collaboration in  areas like certfication and acreditation.

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Tourism has many faces and is one of the most important economic activities on earth. One out of 10 jobs depend on it or is generated by tourism and as a worldwide phenomenon it connects people all over the planet.  As blueContec we aim to contribute to a better world. Tourism - in our view - is an important mulitplicator for a positive development that we wish to foresee in the world.


It's during its sixth year of self-employment that Eckardt Consulting is ready to launch its website. Our five-member team is looking forward to supporting you, and it is our great pleasure to offer professional assistance to you in all aspects of energy efficiency, environmental and quality assurance and improvement.